Body Type

Your Physical Constitution

According to Ayurveda, the five elements (fire, earth, water, air & space) in their biological form combine to form three basic energies in the body. These three basic energies are the primary life forces or biological humors, called doshas in Ayurveda. These three primary doshas are vata, pitta and kapha. They help regulate physical functionings within our body, besides providing us with our individual physical characteristics. The constitution of a person is primarily determined by the dominant dosha. Your predominant dosha could be any one of the three, a combination of any two or all the three in a balanced form:

  • Vata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha
Check Your VPK
To find out your Ayurvedic constitution, select one quality from each row that best describes your physical qualities. After you have finished taking the test, submit your responses. The category with the maximum score is supposedly your predominant dosha or Ayurvedic constitution. Very often there are two (equal or almost equal) predominant doshas. This indicates that you have a dual constitution. Rarely does one have a tridoshic constitution, which is a combination of all the three Ayurvedic doshas.

1. Body Structure Thin Medium Large
2. Weight Low Medium Overweight
3. Height Tall Average Short
3. Bone Structure Light Medium Heavy
3. Complexion Dark Fair white
3. Feeling On Skin Dry, cool, Soft,oily Cold,moist
4. Hair Black,dull Soft, Red, Light Brown Thick, Curly, Oily
4. Face Long,thin Pointed Chin, Heart Shape Round,large
7. Eyes Black, Small, Dry Green, Bright, Sharp Big, Blue, Calm
7. Eyelashs Thin Moderate Thick
7. Blinking Of Eyes Immoderate Moderate Less
5. Teeth Protruding, Irregular Medium, Moderate, Yellow Big, Strong, White
5. Gums Retract Reddish Vigourous
5. Lips Dry,thin Smooth, Medium Soft, Pink
6. Nails Rough, Dry, Brittle Sharp, Pink, Flexible Thick, Smooth, Oily
9. Thirst Variable Excessive Minimal
8. Appetite Small, Irregular Strong, Unbearable Slow and steady
8. Taste Sweet, Sour, Salty Sweet, Bitter, Astringent Pungent, Bitter, Astringent
8. Digestion Irregular, Constipation Quick, Loose Prolonged, Sluggish
10. Sleep Light, Disturbed, Minimal Sound, Moderate Heavy, Excessive
16. Speech Fast, Unclear Sharp, Precise Slow, Gentle
16. Physical Activity Hyper-active Moderate Slow
17. Libido Directed in fantasy Excessive, Intense Slow, Tender
17. Mental Activity Hyper active Moderate Slow
17. Emotions Anxiety, Fear Anger, Ambitious Calm, Peaceful
22. Memory Quick to remember and forget Average, Clear Slow to remember and forget
24. Faith Vairiable Extremist Consistent
13. Anger Quick, Unstable Quick, Sustained Always cool
28. Food Simple, Snacks Regular Meals Luxury, Fatty
14. Senstivity Cold, Wind, Dryness Heat, Sun, Fire Cold, Damp, Humidity
27. Hobbies Travel, Art Sports, Politics Dispassionate