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“Herbal’ medicine also known as botanical medicine refers to making use of seeds, leaves, bark and roots of a plant for the purpose of making medicines. This science existed in the ancient history in the period as early as 3000 B.C. The improvement in analysis and quality control along with clinical research explains the importance of herbal medicines in treating and preventing diseases. The use of herbal medicines has increased drastically over last 30 years. Herbal medicines are used for curing a large number of diseases such as asthma, migraine, cancer, eczema etc.  A large range of these medicines are available in the market. They are believed to be more effective with fewer side effects.

Talking of the herbal cosmetics, the industry for herbal cosmetics has been expanding drastically over the years. A large range of natural or herbal cosmetics in the form of lotions, soaps, oils, shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste etc is available in the market. These products contain herbs that help you look young and charming. Most of these herbal cosmetics are made from the plants or herbs such as Neem, Chandan, Tulsi, Aloe vera, turmeric. It is considered as the gift of nature to mankind.

Every man or a woman wants to look beautiful today. To have a healthy glowing skin one needs to protect it against the damages caused from environmental factors such as sun, pollution, dust etc. Just like your body your skin also demands nourishment to look healthy and beautiful. Herbal cosmetics are a combination of chemicals along with a variety of botanicals. This serves a dual purpose, firstly as cosmetics for the care of body and secondly the botanical ingredients present in these cosmetics influence the biological functions of the skin by providing necessary nutrients. Herbal cosmetics have been found to be useful for all skin types and for individuals of all ages. Herbal cosmetics contain botanicals that have been found to provide different vitamins, antioxidants, various essential oils and alkaloids necessary for nourishment of the skin.

Ayurveda supports a holistic philosophy. In addition to products that address the natural treatment of skin, hair and body, Ayruvedic cosmetics focuses on the importance of a healthy well-balanced lifestyle. It is believed the use of natural beauty products combined with healthy eating results in beauty from the inside.

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