Ayurveda Unanis What Is Unani

Unani medicine, as the name originated in Greece or Unan. It was the Greek phylosopher physician Hippocrates.377BC  who freed medicine from the realm of superstition and magic and gave the status of science. The theoritical frame work of Unani Medicine is based on the teaching of Hippocrates. He believed that whenever and wherever possible medicine should be gentle and safe. This is the main objective of Unani Medicine.  After Hippocrates the system is known in different parts of the world by different names like Greeco Arab Medicine, Islamic Medicine, Oriental Medicine so on.

The fundamental principle of the unani system recognises that disease is a natural process and symptoms of a disease are body's reaction to disease. The chief function of the physician is to aid the natural forces of the body. The unani medicine is based on the Humoral theory-which presupposes the presence of four humors. They are Dum (blood), Balgham (phlegm), Safra (yellow bile) and Sauda ( black bile). The body has the power of self preservation to maintain a correct balance of these humors, which is called as Quwwat-e-Mudabbira (Medicatrix natura). Unani medicines help the body to regain this balance.

The essential constituents and the working principles of the body, according to Unani, can be classified into seven main groups: arkan or elements, comprising earth, water, air and fire as different states of matter and the building blocks of everything in the universe; mizaj (temperament); akhlat (humours); aza (organs); arwah (life, spirits or vital breaths); quva (energy); and af'al (action).

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